Drop of water"
is born



On November 22, 2016, "The Drop of Water" Water Protector Necklace was born and then posted on Facebook.  Dan "TheGlassman", of GardunoGlass, was invited to participate as a vendor in a local fundraising event in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to raise awareness for #NODAPL and the treaty issues at Standing Rock between the Sioux Tribes and the US Government.

"TheGlassman" came up with a simple, yet elegant, tear drop shaped pendant to represent a drop of water, and Water Is Life, in order to help raise funds for the fight at Standing Rock.  

Just prior to this, he met Joann Mae Spotted Bear at the Albuquerque Indigenous People's Day Rally at Civic Plaza and offered to help with her mission to secure treaties to present to the Supreme Courts, and the United Nations, when necessary, or any other instance these treaties may be utilized to fight for the rights of Indigenous People.


He wanted to offer these beautiful pendants for only $10 each and to donate $3 from each one to help Joann's cause and many others' causes as well.  But the support for fundraising has never really taken off to help these causes.  Between Nov 22, 2016 -April 14, 2017, only 5 pendants were sold, and the promotional and marketing process had been slow to start, which was barely building momentum or gaining support. 

But then, on April 14, "TheGlassman" was asked by some of his friends from the Pueblo Enchantment Dancers to make 19 of The Drop of Water pendants for them to wear during the Special Presentation of the Buffalo Dance tribute at the 2017 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow to honor Mni Wiconi and all Water Protectors who went to Standing Rock. 

The Drop Of Water had to be approved through proper protocols and procedures to be allowed to be worn with their Regalia during this Special Ceremony.  During the Special Buffalo Dance Presentation, "TheGlassman" realized more than 200 other individuals from all 19 New Mexico Pueblos were also dancing and singing for this Prayer Ceremony, so it was decided they would all be gifted as well.

This is what launched The Drop Of Water into it's current global status and recognition as a powerful symbol to represent Water Is Life, and to unified all Water Protectors together from all parts of the Earth.

On May 1, 2017, a couple days after the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, "TheGlassman" met Orlando Cruz, from Santa Ana Pueblo, at San Felipe' Pueblo's Feast Day for the first time ever.  This crucial meeting in time was the moment that lead to the mission of gifting all Water Protectors from Standing Rock with The Drop Of Water, starting first with 80 individuals who were there with Orlando at Pueblo Camp.  This expanded out to other nearby camps, and eventually was decided to gift every individual who was there at Standing Rock, no matter if they were on the front lines or just there for a quick visit to drop off other Water Protectors or supplies.  The Mission was born!

As of now the unofficial total for Water Protectors who were at Standing Rock is estimated to be over 90,000!

The Drop Of Water will be gifted to over 90,000 Water Protectors, from across the world, which includes the hundreds of New Mexico Pueblo Buffalo Dancers, every individual who dedicated their time and lives to physically be at Sanding Rock, and so many others who have taken a Stand to protecting and preserving clean drinking water for all.  Water Is Life, and every individual living soul on this planet needs it to sustain life.  Without it, we perish.

Our mission is to honor and give thanks to those on our planet who have stepped up as true Guardians of Creator's Water to help protect it and keep it sacred.

Thank you for your service work!

Mni Wiconi!

"Water Is Life... Every Drop Counts!"


meet Our Team

Dan "TheGlassman"

Member of the Soul Tribe

01/19 - Present

Glass Artist, Creator, and Founder of The Drop Of Water.

"Water Is Life... Every Drop Counts!"

Orlando Cruz

Santa Ana Pueblo

5/1/17 - 1/18/2019

Famous for his singing and drumming at Standing Rock.

Honorary Gifter of The Drop Of Water.  

"Don't Forget To Pray"

Michael Coles

Turtle Island Water Foundation Enterprises, Canada

8/8/08 - Present

Our Canadian Partner and Affiliate.

Michael has purchased over 200 drops and counting, for resale and gifting purposes in Canada. 

some amazing gifters


Susie Scott

Close to 100 Drops!

We met Susie Scott in Winnebago, Nebraska.  She personally purchased and gifted close to 100 drops! 

Thank you so much Susie!


Jimmy Tidwell

200 Drops!

Jimmy invited us out to Winnebago, Nebraska to a Special Ceremony at a Veteran's Memorial to Honor Water Protectors who went to war at Standing Rock, armed with only Prayers and Blessings, to protect our water.  

Thank you so much Jimmy for all the love and hospitality! 

We will always remember this beautiful ceremony!


Dr. Doreen Bird

Close to 100 Drops!

Dr. Bird has been purchasing and helping us gift out many drops along her travels as she helps the youth with suicide prevention and education.

Many blessings to you Dr. Bird!


Anessa Conner

Close to 100 Drops!

Annessa has had the honor of gifting many from Standing Rock, including International Touring Recording Artists, Dave Mathews and Jason Mraz!

Many blessings to you Anessa!


Doug White Bear Smith

50 or More  Drops!

Doug and his wife Amy have honored 50 Water Protectors from Standing Rock even though he's been going through some major health issues. Please send your love, blessings, and Healing Prayers to Doug and Amy!


Tristan Hartwell

Close to 100 Drops!

Tristan has gifted many who went to Standing Rock and is currently working on manifesting a vision into reality of constructing a Memorial at Standing Rock to honor those Water Protectors who have journeyed on from this life.

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