The Drop Of Water is Born!

On January 22, 2017, a "Drop of Water" was created and then posted on a Facebook Page. Dan "TheGlassman", of GardunoGlass, was invited to participate in a local event to raise awareness of #NODAPL and the treaty issues at Standing Rock between the Sioux Tribes and the US Government.

"TheGlassman" came up with a simple, yet elegant, tear drop shaped pendant to represent a drop of water/water is life in order to help raise funds to help with the fight at Standing Rock.

He had also recently met Joann Mae Spotted Bear at the Albuquerque Indigenous People's Day Rally at Civic Plaza and offered to help with her mission to secure treaties to present to the Supreme Courts, or the United Nations, when necessary, or any other instance these treaties may be necessary to fight for the rights of the Indigenous People. So he decided to offer these beautiful pendants for only $10 and to donate $3 to Joann's cause.

Since Jan 22, only 5 pendants have been sold, and the promotional and marketing process has been slow to start, but we've been slowly building momentum and gaining support. Recently, on April 14, "TheGlassman" was asked to make some "Drop of Water" pendants for a special dance in honor of our Sacred Water at the 2017 Gathering of Nations PowWow.

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