Huge Honor and Blessing for the Pueblo Buffalo Dancers

Announcing a Special Presentation:

Native American Buffalo Dancers and Singers from the Pueblo tribes of New Mexico will come together and share in an historic Buffalo Dance at the Gathering of Nations Powwow following the Friday evening Grand Entry. Three special songs have been composed for this historic Pueblo Buffalo Dance to honor the Water Protectors and all who fight daily for basic human rights, the protection of our precious environment, and ensure that future generations will enjoy a quality of life as intended by our ancestors

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Posted 4/24/17: "This is really exciting news and I want to share this with as many of you as possible! Many of you who've been in support of #NODAPL and Standing Rock will probably be at the Gathering of Nations this year. This Special Presentation was just announced! The Pueblo Enchantment Dancers were all gifted with a Drop of Water to wear in honor of Mni Waconi... Water Is Life! I am beyond grateful to be able to offer my glass pendants as a gift in honor of our Sacred Water! Hare Krsna!" - Dan "TheGlassman" Garduno

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