Preparing for the PowWow

As soon as the first conversation happened, "TheGlassman" jumped on his torch and hand made close to 2 dozen glass pendants to get prepared for this special dance presentation! So far, 23 "Drops of Water" pendants have been gifted to The Pueblo Enchantment Dancers. More gifts soon to come for the dance organizers and coordinators!

Being that this came up so unexpectedly, GardunoGlass is doing it's best to mass produce as many "Drop of Water" pendants as possible by this Friday which is only 4 days/3 nights away! Please place your orders right away if you'd like to wear your "Drop of Water" to the Gathering this year! We will be out at the Gathering with some for sale, while supplies last! A word from "TheGlassman": "This all came up suddenly, so we aren't fully prepared with professional quality images or promotions just yet, but all that will be coming soon! We should be able to accept Paypal payments by end of today and will be able to ship out to anywhere in the US as well as most other countries!

This is such a huge honor for me, to be able to utilize my God given talent of glass blowing, and to be able to make such a huge statement with it, all while helping to fund the fight for our Sacred Waters. Water is life, and we are all made up of water. This fight belongs to us all!"

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