Were You At Standing Rock?

www.TheDropOfWater.com has a gift for You!

Our Mission is to gift every Water Protector from Standing Rock with The Drop Of Water to give thanks and show gratitude for their courageous efforts to stand up and protect Creator's Sacred Waters. Mni Wiconi! "Water Is Life... Every Drop Counts!"

We were told there were at least 90,000 water protectors there at Standing Rock.

There is only 1 glass artist currently making and gifting these water drops out for free from the kindness of his heart through The Drop Of Water. Please be patient to receive your gift.

Thank you for going to Standing Rock and protecting sacred waters!

If you were at Standing Rock and would like to receive your free gift, please send us a message at www.TheDropOfWater.com and provide some information as to when you were there. Also, if you have any memories, stories, or photos you would like us to share on our online blogs and social media pages, please let us know we have your permission to do so.

All our experiences while gifting out these drops to the many Water Protectors from Standing Rock, since the creation of The Drop Of Water, are being collected and will be compiled into a documentary on film or published book.

So please let us know if you'd like to be included in our documentary as well!

If we can link up with you in person and gift you, that is always the best and most satisfying experience in our gifting. However, we understand we cannot meet and gift all 90,000 of you personally, so we can also ship them out to you, or to other water protectors you know were there, if you can please provide $5 shipping per each drop requested.

We'll add you to the list and get them out to you as soon as possible!

We promise! It's just gonna take time getting them all made and gifted out!

We thank you so much for protecting our sacred waters!

Thank you for going to Standing Rock!!!

Mni Wiconi!

"Water Is Life... Every Drop Counts!"

Love and Gratitude.

Many Blessings to you all!

Dan "TheGlassman"

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