Explanation | "We all get what we deserve."


This is Dan "TheGlassman". I'm sorry I have offended many of you for sharing a belief that you may not have been ready for spiritually.

It has to do with the cycle of the soul, ascension vs. reincarnation due to karmic attachment. It's not an easy subject to discuss nor comprehend. In no way what so ever did I ever say or have the intention of saying that anyone for any reason should ever harm or inflict ill intentions or bad will upon another living soul, whether it be man, animal, or even plants, water, and air.

No living soul should ever willingly inflict negative intentions towards another living soul. Period!

Instead, we should all be in service to one another and help each other out.

If you can understand this video presentation, then you'll be able to understand why I said, "We all get what we deserve." We have chosen to come back to life here on Earth due to our own personal attachments to this material world and all it contains, both good and evil.

It's as simple as that.

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