Orlando Cruz | Handdrum Water Protector

We would like to honor Orlando Cruz with this special THANK YOU for helping to gift out the thousands of water drops we've gifted out in total so far!

On May 1, 2017 for the first time ever Orlando Cruz approached "TheGlassman" asking him how much were the water drops he was carrying with him at San Felipe Feast Day. There were 37 water drop necklaces hanging from "TheGlassman's" forearm, which unknowingly to Orlando, he was planning on gifting them out to those who invited him in to feast. "TheGlassman" also decided 2 days prior, that he would be gifting out drops to every singer and dancer from The Gathering Of Nation 2017 Special Presentation of the Buffalo Dance to honor Mni Wiconi and those who were at Standing Rock. That was the moment Orlando was gifted his first water drop necklace. 7 more were given to Orlando to disperse to other water protectors who were at Feast Day. Several days later, Orlando returns with a list of 80 water protectors from Standing Rock, mostly from Pueblo Camp. This was the inception of our gifting mission!

Thank you Orlando Cruz, for helping us to find those from Standing Rock worthy enough to be honored and gifted with The Drop Of Water!

Mni Wiconi!

"Water Is Life... Every Drop Counts!"

and as Orlando always says.... "Don't Forget to Pray Because It Is Important!"

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