POSTED ON FB 10/23/18

Sitting here reflecting upon this path I've taken with The Drop of Water for the past few years.

It's been an amazing journey. I can truly say I am blessed!

There are so many of you who I have personally gifted of the 2,600 we have gifted out so far. Many of those were gifted by Orlando Cruz. Thank you brother! I truly appreciate you!

This whole blessing has been a gift from God. A true gift! The amount of hearts and souls we have touched so far is the greatest gift from this entire mission. The love that is felt and received is completely overwhelming every time. The tears flow as each one has been gifted. I tried to hold them back but it's impossible. It's an honor to have been able to gift so many of you personally! Thank you for protecting God's creation: Water. Mni Wiconi!

Many have been involved in the inception and creation of The Drop of Water. This is not my creation, it came through Creator, and was nourished and watered by many hands and many souls. I'd like to try to thank the many of you who have been directly involved in this blessing. Some of you may not even be aware of your own involvement in it's creation and manifestation.

First and foremost I thank God. Specifically the manifestation or avatar of God known as Krsna.

Jai Sri Krsna! And all the Disclipical Spiritual Masters that have followed. Haribol!

I would like to thank Joann Mae Spotted Bear for inspiring me at the Indigenous Peoples Day Rally in 2016 to want to do more to help the efforts at Standing Rock to protect water.

He may not know it but Alex Paramo of Mariposa Music (and back then Community Publishing) directly helped me to come up with an idea which we could sell through a silent auction he was hosting in November 2016 at an event to raise funds for Standing Rock. As an invited artist to the event, I was asked to donate an item for the silent auction. I almost decided on making an elaborate museum quality goblet with a large water drop in the center of the stem ware to represent Water to try to raise a few hundred or thousand dollars. But I knew our city doesn't spend top dollar at events like this and it was better to make several more affordable pieces we could sell multiples of in the auction, and so I came up with a cobalt blue tear drop shaped glass pendant now known as The Drop of Water. Eventually I started to make them out of clear glass since we are representing clean, clear drinking water, so the clear glass made sense.

5 months into making these clear and cobalt drops to try to help raise funds on my own, I only sold around 5 total. I was discouraged but for some reason I just felt compelled to make them. That is when my friends Affie Dewahe and Daniel L. Sanchez III were asked to dance during the Gathering Of Nations 2017 for the Special Presentation of the Buffalo Dance to honor those veterans who were at Standing Rock. Affie asked if they could wear something specific to represent Water has they danced, and had to await special permission. I did not know it but she was asking to wear The Drop Of Water during this ceremony. When I was informed the next day, I was shocked and honored and asked right away how many they would need if they were granted permission. They were given permission and requested the first 18 that were gifted ever, besides the ones that went to the silent auction months prior. I was invited to meet them there to watch them dance. As they danced, I realized they were only 18 of about 200-300 dancers and singers who represented all 19 New Mexico Pueblos. That is when I decided I wanted to gift them all. We still have yet to find them all to gift.

Prior to entering the GON 2017, I was looking for my friends to try to meet up and find out where I should go. Several news reporters were also looking for the group of dancers and singers, and that is when I met one of the dancers and gifted her and possibly a couple others. Christy Bird was one of the first I ever personally gifted at GON 2017. At the time we both had no clue we would eventually meet again and become friends through meeting her mom Doreen Bird ( now Dr. Bird), through Orlando. Doreen has also become an honorary gifter for us in her recent travels. Thank you Doreen!

Also at the GON 2017 I had the honor to meet the man who gave the special permission and the one who was also in charge of the Stage 49 Production, Shkeme from Native Roots and Emergence Prod Uctions. I also had the opportunity to gift Nahko Bear and Medicine Tribe For The People there at the stage.

So many other individuals have been gifted or have helped with the gifting process!

Thank you to Jimmy Tidwell for inviting us out to Winnebago Nebraska for our largest gifting ceremony so far! 200 made to gift!

Thank you to Susie Scott for personally spending your own money to gift out over 50 drops when we first started!

Thank you to Anessa Connor for getting the drops into the hands of Dave from the Dave Mathews Band as well as another who is slipping my mind right now!

Thank you to Eman McAllister for being there since the beginning and helping me out with a small loan to keep us going way back then! It sure went a long way!

And a huge thank you to Michael Coles from The Drop of Water Campaign for purchasing hundreds to sell and gift out in Canada for us!

And thank you to Taboo (Black Eyed Peas) who was recently gifted by Orlando Cruz.

I just gifted Deb Haaland for Congress due to her support for the Water Is Life Movement and to encourage her to keep this discussion going.

We'll soon be sending a gift to Miss Michigan for her statement at the Miss Universe Pagent about Flint Michigan!

These are just a few of the ones I can remember now who truly stick out in my memory!

So many more to gift out! We're now over 2,600 gifted but we were told there were 90,000 at Standing Rock so we'll keep doing what we're doing, gifting The Drop Of Water to thank those who went to Standing Rock to protect water.

Mni Wiconi! Thank You! Dan "TheGlassman"

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