We'd like to offer our gratitude for all your love and support!

So today we're GIVING THANKS!

Thank you so much for supporting us for the past 2 years! You've been with us through it all!

We couldn't have survived without you!

We've had some amazing ups and some colossal downs, and still we persevere on our mission to continue to gift out these water drops to every individual Water Protector who was there at Standing Rock to thank them for protecting Creator's water.

This is a huge goal to accomplish, the gifting of 90,000 or more water drops to every single individual who was there at Standing Rock, which will take years, maybe even decades for us to complete.

So we ask for your continued support for the long haul as we continue on.

Please share our website out as much and as often as possible so other's may also join us in giving thanks to our Water Protectors. Share our Facebook page often as well.

And please continue to purchase gifts from so we may continue to raise funds to keep gifting these out.

Over 2800 drops gifted so far! Thank you so much!!!

From now until Sunday (Nov 22-25, 2018) we'd like to offer you The Drop Of Water 2.0 at an amazingly low price of only $20!




Offer starts today for Thanksgiving and runs in conjunction with the "Boycott Black Friday" for LIGHT WEDNESDAY Conscious Consumerism Shift which we're all participating in.

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