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Santa Ana Pueblo, Orlando Cruz, takes us on a journey from the front lines of the stand off at Standing Rock, North Dakota, to the Indigenous Peoples March, in Washington, D.C. As we listen to the story told in Orlando’s own voice, we are transported to the places he describes and feel as if we are traveling along with him. His kind spirit and gentle voice make us right at home and we slip into the story, unaware we have become a part of it as he draws us in with his open heart, insightful anecdotes and songs. His story is speckled with humor, mixed with deep thought and emotion, giving us a glimpse into what it’s like to be a Native American activist and water protector today. Throughout the book, Orlando, asks the questions that get people thinking in the direction of “How do I be more conscious in my life?” Asking the question begins to move us towards becoming the answer. Join Orlando Cruz’s Vibe Tribe, as he takes you around live with Native Media Network. Check out the hand made items Orlando makes to support his travels. Look for a drum, headband, or t shirt made at Orlando’s home on the reservation. Orlando’s cool artist friends are listed in the book too. Read the book, make some new friends, and join in the fun writing your own round dance song.

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