The Drop Of Water is Currently Seeking 1-2 Retail/Gifting Locations in Each of the 50 US States.


Retailers/Shop Owners

Interested in joining our mission?

Would you like to become a "Gifting" location?

We are currently seeking 1 or more retail/gifting locations in all 50 US States.

(Receive 30 Drops for the wholesale cost of 20 so you may "Gift" out 10!)

We will also be seeking out International locations as well in the near future.

Please Email us at if interested


Earn money by raising awareness for water!

By agreeing to participate as a retail distributor/gifting location of The Drop Of Water you simply agree to purchase a minimum of 20 glass drop necklaces per each order at a total cost of $100 plus $5 shipping in order to retail each necklace at $10 (plus sales tax if applicable in your state).

We agree to ship you the display seen in the video below along with 30 glass water drop necklaces in total, 10 of which we are donating to you with the intention that they will be gifted out by your retail location to any Water Protector or individual you feel is deserving of being gifted this symbol of Water to represent "Water Is Life... Every Drop Counts".

(We have currently gifted out over 3,000 water drop necklaces to many Water Protectors from all around the world.)

By hosting The Drop Of Water in your location, you are helping to raise awareness of the impeding water crisis our world faces today and inviting your community into the conversation of how we all can come together as one human race to resolve these issues together.

Each drop creates a ripple in the conversation that will eventually lead to a tsunami of answers on how to resolve our current water crisis.

Every human should have the right to clean drinking water. (Clean air and clean food as well!)

It all starts by raising awareness, figuring out the problems that exist, and coming together to resolve them.

"Water Is Life... Every Drop Counts!"

Thank you for joining us in our fight for clean drinking water for all!

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