GREETINGS TO ALL WATER PROTECTORS. We are on our fifth day here at prayer camp for protecting the water of life in our community in Taos Valley. We are set up on highway 64 in Taos, New Mexico, where there is deep drilling damaging our Mother Earth. We are inviting you to come stand with us, to help us put a stop to the mitigation wells that are compromising the safety of the water, the land, and the people. The plans for these deep water wells will affect everyone, not only humans but all living beings that depend on clean water for their existence. Please help us in our nonviolent direct action to prevent the continuation of the pollution and disruption of our water. We are most in need of people to stand with us! Materially, we need canvas, plywood, and paint for banner making and wind blocks, fire wood, blankets and bedding, tents, and teepees, tarps, rope, toiletries, first aid equipment, and food. All donations are welcome. Please come visit our camp, have some coffee and a meal with us, and offer your prayer to the sacred fire. THANK YOU FROM ALL WATER PROTECTORS

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