Over 2 years ago, the most crucial fight for water happened, and yet the entire world was left deaf and blindfolded to it. The largest most influential media corporations around the world were ordered to conduct a "Media Blackout" on the entire event at Standing Rock, even though millions were still able to watch it unfold Live on their cell phones and computers through Social Media Network Sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and a few other sites, thanks to the courageous efforts of individuals who decided to become private independent news reporters.

During the Spring of 2016 a group of young adolescents from Standing Rock decided to run to Washington D.C. to raise awareness about an oil pipeline that was about to be constructed without permits to go directly through Sacred Native land, burial grounds, and underneath the river. Many others joined these children in Washington D.C. to help raise awareness about this illegal pipeline construction about to be conducted. Eventually word spread, and thousands of individuals decided to join these children in their fight to protect sacred land and sacred water.

By the winter of 2016, approximately 90,000 individuals from around the entire world came to aid these children in the protection of sacred land and water at Standing Rock, North Dakota. The president of the United States was completely aware of the children's concerns, but simply decided to ignore the situation, and allow the US Military, Law Enforcement, and Local Police Departments to take control of the situation in their own way, by conducting an onslaught of war and riot tactics and chemical warfare on it's own US citizens and other citizens from many other countries from around the world who were only there to help protect sacred land and water.

The media was ordered to Blackout out all stories and videos being reported from Standing Rock. So several individuals started reporting directly from the grounds at Standing Rock, utilizing social media sites to publish information to, as quickly as Facebook was trying to keep up with deleting and banning or limiting use of those who were uploading and conducting this information sharing, which should be protected by the United State's 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion,and Assembly.

Since the springtime of 2017, after Standing Rock was eventually shut down by Military force against it's own citizens, we here at The Drop Of Water have been reaching out around the world thanking every individual who was physically there at Standing Rock during this Stand Off with our own government. We are thanking each person we meet who was there by gifting them a symbol of water, The Drop Of Water Necklace, to wear as a reminder of their service and efforts to protect water. So far, over 3,000 glass water drop necklaces have been gifted to individuals who were there.

During this time of gifting since April 2017, we've come to realize that so many individuals who weren't there have never even heard of Standing Rock and have no clue our own military attacked our own citizens on US soil. It's astonishing to know that so many have been purposely kept deaf and blindfolded to this enormous event and this War on Water. As large as this event was, this should be known around the entire world. But "They" are still Blacking It Out!

We would like to encourage you all to share this blog of course, but to also do as much personal research as you can to learn more about Standing Rock and the issues pertaining to protecting clean drinking water around the world. Look into places like Flint, Michigan to be able to really see the devastation that is currently happening around the world to our water supply, including right here in the supposed "Greatest Country In The World".

If we really want to "Make America Great Again", then we must start protecting those things that we truly hold sacred to the existence of life itself.

Those Sacred Creations such as clean air, clean water, and clean food which helps to sustain life, not to destroy it.

"Water Is Life... Every Drop Counts!"

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