If you could clean your entire home and body using only water, would you?

I know I would! And now I actually do!

This whole journey with The Drop Of Water has taken me to so many places and events and lots of amazing new experiences. One of those experiences was being invited to Santa Fe's 1st Annual Earth Day Festival held April 22, 2018. That was where I had my first experience with Norwex. We were set up at a booth diagonally across from a young lady who seemed to have her booth constantly busy all day with onlookers. I was curious what it was she was selling or teaching or demonstrating. So at the end of the day when the crowd was gone and we were packing up to leave, I went over to ask her what her booth was all about. That's when she told me about Norwex.

She was selling an Eco-friendly product that allows you to clean your entire home or body using only water. Being that I am a Water Protector I was immediately interested in how it works and what sort of applications I could use it for. At that time I was living at a sustainable water protector community known as Camp Two Dogs and I was looking for alternatives for cleaning dishes without harmful chemical filled soaps and detergents. We wanted to use our gray water for a community garden project so it was important to find dish soaps that were additive free and Eco-friendly. So she educated me on How Norwex Works. It's a very complex micro fiber cloth like no other. They have various styles of cloths made specifically for different surfaces around the home or for your body. The micro fibers are also lined with a micro silver which Norwex trademarks as their BacLock antibacterial agent. This trademarked BacLock technology enables a self purifying property to prevent mold and mildew buildup in the microfibers of the cloths keeping them fresher and cleaner longer.

Then she educated me on how the embedded micro silver worked together with the microfibers to pick up 99% proteins and bacteria from most surfaces, including your body, and then showed me how it worked with a quick demonstration. She took a piece of raw chicken and rubbed it onto a mirror's surface. She then took one of her Norwex EnvoroCloths which was damp with a little water and she used only that to clean up the surface of the mirror. No soap or window cleaner or anything else was used except water. It looked clean to me. I was pretty impressed that there were no streaks left on the glass from the chicken grease. But what really impressed me was when she took out a protein test swab and wiped the surface right after, which resulted in a "clean" result. Then she touched the same swab to the piece of raw chicken and it showed "dirty" right away. And she even licked the mirror right afterwards too, not even concerned she may get e-coli or something from it, proving it really worked! I was so impressed I bought a 3 pack of Norwex Counter Cloths from her on the spot to start using at Camp Two Dogs right away!

(WATCH: Raw Chicken Demo on Youtube)

I ended up using 1 cloth for my dishes, 1 for bathing, and 1 for wiping surfaces. Being that I really didn't have time to research this product more while at camp, or that I wasn't able to see any other demonstrations that day besides the raw chicken demo, I have to admit I was still a little skeptical. I mean, c'mon! How can this actually be cleaning and leaving surfaces free of 99% bacteria using only water? So I did end up using an additive free Eco-friendly soap with the cloths while I was at camp until I moved away a few months later.

Eventually time went on and I lost or misplaced all but 1 cloth, which I kept with me in my backpack everywhere I went, to use as a handy cleaning cloth while I was on the go. I ended up getting involved in a relationship with my current wife and her baby boy. We spent a day at the State Fair in 2019 and were walking around the exhibit booths when we came across a Norwex booth. We were actually trying to rush to find a restroom to change our baby but then I had to stop and tell my wife all about Norwex and how amazing it is. And that's when I had "My Sh*ttiest Experience With Norwex." Our baby's diaper ended up leaking out onto my shirt and shorts and also onto the Norwex lady's booth floor. I told her "I'm so sorry, I have to go!" and left to the nearest door outside to try to clean me and the baby up. Our fair day was ruined and over... or so I thought! Next thing you know, here comes the Norwex lady running out the door after us with one of her Norwex Envirocloths. She came right over to me and started to clean up my shirt and shorts right there on the spot! I was completely baffled that this little red cloth she had was able to clean up such a mess using only water! I was completely clean and I even smelled myself and there was no odor at all! NOW I was completely sold on Norwex all over again! And I wanted to purchase that cloth the lady used but we were pretty broke at the time. So we did the next best thing. We took down her number and my wife called her a week or two later and signed up to become a consultant!

We have now converted our entire home into a Norwex Safe Haven!

We have eliminated all other cleaners and have committed to using only Norwex for our entire home and even our bodies! After my wife signed up I was finally able to discover their entire catalog of products and how each one works, including their line of body products, and the Norwex Body Cloths, which I wish I had up at Camp Two Dogs. And I also wish I had a Norwex EnviroSponge while I was there too. That would have helped so much with the dishes and saving our gray water for our garden.

Being that I am a Water Protector I really love Norwex and so happy The Drop Of Water has led me to this wonderful and amazing Eco-friendly product!

I definitely recommend it to all Water Protectors world wide!

And The Drop Of Water fully endorses Norwex Products and their Mission!

One more thing I love about Norwex is they offer a 2 Year Warranty on all their products! They will replace them if you are not fully satisfied with it's performance. And you also have a 30 day money back guarantee as well. So you can try out Norwex and see how amazing it is for yourself. Or simply get a refund in the first month. How many other companies actually believe in their products so much that they can offer this?

They really are an amazing company focused on protecting our planet!

Feel free to order through my wife or simply browse her page to see their many options and read about their Environmental Missions to help protect our Earth. And also check out their recycle program which converts old Norwex cloths into energy!

Order or Browse Online At:

Click HERE to Sign Up To Become A Consultant

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