Living in Mexico - GIVEAWAY PRIZES - Life After Deportation

Happy Birthday Candice and thank you so much for including The Drop Of Water as part of your Birthday Prize Giveaway!

Hello Friends and thanks for tuning in!

We have been asked to be part of this awesome prize giveaway and have been following Candice and her family's journey, Life After Deportation, on YouTube for several weeks now. You are invited to join their journey as well and be sure to Subscribe to her YouTube Channel for your chance to win one of these awesome prize packages included in this Video!

YouTube Video Description:

Don't forget to subscribe to be entered! Tomorrow, Jan. 27th, we will announce the winners on our Live Stream at 6pm CST! Here is how you can find these awesome small businesses! Pinole Blue -

​ - Find them on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube under @pinoleblue Spicedout Candy -

​ - Find them on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook under @spicedout.candy The Drop of Water -

​ Lydes Creations -

​ - Find them on Instagram and Facebook under @lydes_creations MNM Creations 3 -

​ - Find them on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook under @mnmcreations3 Zuggy Etc -

​ - Find them on Instagram and Facebook under @zuggyetc Talin Bakery -

​ - Find them on Instagram and TikTok under @talin.bakery

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